Collection: Drapac Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil is a fat extracted from the seeds of evening primrose. The main functional ingredient of evening primrose oil is V-linolenic acid, known as the "protagonist of functional medicinal foods in the 21st century". It is called vitamin F and is known as the flower of life; it is called "Royal Medicine" or "King Medicine" in Europe.

Evening Primrose Oil can blend the oils of base oils and essential oils. It has multiple therapeutic functions. It can be taken orally in capsules to treat cardiovascular diseases, premenstrual, and menopausal syndrome. It can be used in aromatherapy to reconcile lotions and creams. Improve eczema, and psoriasis, help wound healing, and nail development, and solve hair problems. Generally, 10% of the dosage is used.

Product Efficacy: 1. Relieve various discomforts of premenstrual syndrome and menopause. 2. Anti-inflammatory effect. 3. Reduce cholesterol and reduce thrombosis. 4. Improve the density of lipoprotein. 5. Inhibit atherosclerosis. 6. Anti-Aging

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