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Drapac Kids Growth Support 150 Tablets

Drapac Kids Growth Support 150 Tablets

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Brand Name: DrApac

Product Specifications: 150 Tablets / bottle

Main Ingredients:  Each tablet (600 mg) contains goat milk powder rich in carbohydrates, minerals, immunoglobulins, proteins, calcium, growth and nutritional factors.  No artificial preservatives, gluten, egg, yeast, or lactose added.  

Drapac kids growth support tablets are convenient and nutritious. These chewable tablets are pleasant to taste.  Research suggests that goat’s milk may enhance the body’s ability to absorb important nutrients from other foods. In contrast, cow’s milk is known to interfere with the absorption of key minerals like iron and copper when consumed in the same meal. Another reason some people choose goat’s milk over cow’s milk has to do with digestibility. All animal-derived milk contains some lactose (natural milk sugar), which some people, as they age, lose the ability to fully digest. Goat’s milk is slightly lower in lactose than cow’s milk (about 12% less). People with mild lactose intolerance, therefore, may find goat’s milk dairy somewhat less disruptive to digestion than cow’s milk.

In terms of digestive health, goat’s milk has another feature that outperforms cow’s milk: the higher presence of “prebiotic” carbohydrates (oligosaccharides), which help nourish the beneficial bacteria living in our gut ecosystem. They’re the same type of carbohydrate that’s present in human breast milk and are responsible for helping to support the “good” bacteria in a baby’s digestive tract.

Goat’s milk offers a huge amount of nutrients and, in some cases, slightly higher nutritional value than cow’s milk. It’s even been found to help us absorb certain nutrients — something cow’s milk doesn’t do.  These make goat’s milk simply one more delicious and healthy option to you.

Drapac Kids Growth Support provides a premium source of goat milk powder, support kids growth and immune system.  This product is specially good for kids growth support, while can be beneficial to people in all different age groups. 

Drapac selects only top quality ingredients, guaranteeing this product.

Best Before: The best before date is printed on each individual bottle. Use within three months after opening the bottle.

Directions: Take 2~3 tablets daily. 

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Caution: Do not use if bottle cap seal is broken.

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